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GTF Welcomes all for innovation to Secure and Strengthen….

The principles of GTF are based on values and philosophies that together create a unique standing for us, as we are today, in this Industry. GTF is about a company that consistently goes its own way in public life, simply because we not only decline subsidies in society as a whole but because - despite our exclusive products - social acceptance is paramount for us. On the labour market, with a philosophy to secure our long-term success, we do not eliminate jobs, inspite we secure and create them to make a family as we are today.

GTF is a matter of our own standards and faith in our own virtues. We have very definite ideas on how we develop and manufacture our products. What counts paramount here are quality and environmental protection. GTF is also about responsibility, to the customer and to our own heritage. We never forget our origins. Everyone is talking about the environment; we have been doing our bit for a long time. Amongst the many corporate and social objectives, protecting the environment is one of the most important.

As an exception to the rule, let us confess that not much will change at GTF in the coming years in principle. This implies, our standards will continue to be the highest. We will carry on the traditions that have proven their merits. We will come up with surprising innovations and wherever sensible, reinvent ourselves. We find this exciting.

Of course, we have planned a bit in advance since we are not particularly fond of unpleasant surprises. We have not taken this step to sell our ideas. On the contrary, our objective is to "Secure and Strengthen" - our inventive potential. With our goals and visions, we look far beyond the short-term horizons. This enables us to secure our independence in the long run, and to flexibly respond to fluctuations in the marketplace.